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Whether it's biscuits, pastries and coffee... to a more traditional eggs, bacon and toast or if you have more developed tastebuds and enjoy a special dish from the kitch, we have something for everyone!


We should warn you though... People come back, again and again so, just know that you might discover a new favorite food here and you'll only be able to get it at The Buttered Biscuit!

So you've eaten enough pasta, chinese, subs, burgers and every other fast food all week at work? Or maybe you've been bringing your lunch to work... leftovers even?


Our fish sandwich will melt in your mouth, perfectly served with our homemade tartar sauce. Or maybe a burger after all? Ours isn't like that flat patty you get for a dollar. Maybe you'd love the meatloaf, with gorgonzola potatoes and spinach... Truly a favorite here!

"No, not the pancakes... Eh, not the burger..." Then how about one of David's specials?


His salmon or crab cake eggs benedict is delectable. The Cinnamon, Honey, Pecan Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast is amazing!


We already mentioned the Meatloaf, but did we tell you about the Corned Beef Hash? Eat it for breakfast, lunch or as a side...

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